Concert “Simte cu Africa”

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Organizatia Tumaini va invita joi, 13 Octombrie 2016, la concert alaturi de Cristi Cazacu si Adonai. Evenimentul este destinat strangerii de fonduri pentru scoala si ferma din Kenya. Mai multe detalii despre acest proiect gasiti aici

Alatura-te si tu!


tumaini farm

Tumaini Farm in Kenya

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Providing the Tumaini schools with everyday lunch food for more than 400 children.

Project Description:
This farm project is meant to be a way to create a self-sustaining and self-propagating ministry. Firstly, some facilities have to be built there. Next, the plant and animal products resulting from working the land can be directly used as food ingredients for the children and also indirectly as a selling commodity for paying school expenses and fees. When the project matures, a part of the production revenues will be reinvested in the farm to keep it going another cycle.

What We Need:

1.  PURCHASING LAND (5 hectares)          @ 10 000 € (10 700 USD)

2.  FENCING                                                         @ 500 € (535 USD)

3.  BUILDING STRUCTURES                          @ 4 500 € (4 815 USD)

4.  BOREHOLE (water)                                     @ 1 300 € (1 390 USD)

5.  FIRST INVESTMENT IN FARM AND LOGISTICS (seeds, animals, workers, etc.)   @ 3 700 € (3 960 USD)

The children are our primary target. They need food, clothing, books, classrooms, and most of all guidance to be able to find meaning and purpose in life. All these aspects are touched by capitalizing on the farm production.

By cliking on this link you can find more info and how you can be involved in this project.

Misiune Kenya 2014

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Am (re)gasit Kibera cea frumoasa, cu strazile pline de copii care striga la Muzungu “How are you?”, cu oameni care abia asteapta sa iti intinda mana, zambete largi, noroi cat curprinde, miros de carbuni incinsi si porumb copt.

Am (re)gasit Hope Academy cu aceiasi copii plini de veselie, vise si sperante. Ne-am
intalnit cu aceiasi oameni minunati, care ne-au asteptat cu sufletul la gura: Fred, James,
Vincent, Doughert, Eunice; dar Domnul a adus si oameni noi si astfel a crescut numarul
profesorilor la 15 + 2 ajutoare la bucatarie.

Suntem coplesiti sa vedem cum lucreaza Dumnezeu aici. Traind pe alt continent unde si
timpul curge altfel, parca suntem deconectati de realitatea slum-ului, dar odata ajunsi aici
realitatea ne izbeste direct in fata, ca un vant rece.

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