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tumaini farm

Tumaini Farm in Kenya

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Providing the Tumaini schools with everyday lunch food for more than 400 children.

Project Description:
This farm project is meant to be a way to create a self-sustaining and self-propagating ministry. Firstly, some facilities have to be built there. Next, the plant and animal products resulting from working the land can be directly used as food ingredients for the children and also indirectly as a selling commodity for paying school expenses and fees. When the project matures, a part of the production revenues will be reinvested in the farm to keep it going another cycle.

What We Need:

1.  PURCHASING LAND (5 hectares)          @ 10 000 € (10 700 USD)

2.  FENCING                                                         @ 500 € (535 USD)

3.  BUILDING STRUCTURES                          @ 4 500 € (4 815 USD)

4.  BOREHOLE (water)                                     @ 1 300 € (1 390 USD)

5.  FIRST INVESTMENT IN FARM AND LOGISTICS (seeds, animals, workers, etc.)   @ 3 700 € (3 960 USD)

The children are our primary target. They need food, clothing, books, classrooms, and most of all guidance to be able to find meaning and purpose in life. All these aspects are touched by capitalizing on the farm production.

By cliking on this link you can find more info and how you can be involved in this project.

Newsletter iunie ’12

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Dragii nostri,

Va scriem fiindca noi credem in puterea rugaciunii, la asta va invitam, sa stati in mijlocire pentru ceea ce Dumnezeu vrea sa lucreze in si prin noi.

Cu ajutorul lui Dumnezeu si in acest an, vom lua parte la cateva misiuni pe termen scurt, dar continuam si lucrarea noastra aici in tara.
Cateva motive de rugaciune si lucruri care se vor intampla in saptamanile urmatoare:

Misiune Namibia:

namibia1namibia2– marti dupa-masa, echipa de misiune (4 persoane), a plecat spre Frankfurt, de unde a zburat la Rundu, Namibia. Au nevoie de rugaciune pentru protectie si calauzire, in primul rand si sprijin financiar pentru lucrarea ce o vor face acolo.

Misiune Kenya-Tanzania:

kenya1kenya2– multumim lui Dumnezeu ca am reusit sa cumparam biletele de avion si aproape toti avem facute vaccinurile.
– luni am inceput tratamentul pentru malarie, continuam pregatirea pentru misiune si cu ajutorul Domnului, joi 5 iulie, vom merge in Kenya.
– rugati-va pentru fiecare persoana din grup care va merge, unele au probleme la servici, cu concediul. De asemenea rugati-va pentru echipa de la Biserica din Kibera (Kenya) care ne va insoti atat in Siaya (Kenya), cat si in Tanzania.
– mai avem nevoie de aproximativ 3000 de euro pentru tot grupul, bani necesari pentru cazare, transport, mancare si lucrare in aceasta misiune.


kyr1kyr2– multumim Domnului ca am reusit sa platim biletele.
– rugati-va pentru familia Vlasin, care ne va primi la ei.
– rugati-va sa putem fi o marturie pentru mantuirea oamenilor din Osh, Kyrgyzstan.


In perioada 20-26 august, dorim sa prezentam ce am facut in misiune si de asemenea sa motivam crestinii evanghelici din Romania la a se implica in misiunea locala si globala. In aces scop, vom organiza o tabara de misiune.
Vom anunta din timp locatia si invitatii, cat si temele ce le vom aborda.
Puteti sa va inscrieti impreuna cu tineri din biserica de care apartineti.

In fiecare marti (in Bucuresti) si miercuri (in Timisoara) ne intalnim la rugaciune, va asteptam cu drag impreuna cu noi. Contactati-ne pentru detalii legate de locatie.

Organizatia Tumaini va multumeste pentru sprijin si implicare. Va simtim aproape de noi si credem ca impreuna putem duce Evanghelia cat mai departe spre marginile pamantului.
Nu uitati, Dumnezeu merita toata gloria. Din El, prin El si pentru EL le facem pe toate, a lui sa fie toata cinstea, onoarea si gloria.

Date de contact:
– email: misiune@yahoo.com
– telefon: 0745 259 044
– persoana de contact: Grecu Daniel

So i go…

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Michael Perez wrote this poem while in Africa.

The spoken word is about the transition through the normal mundane tension of life, and passing through that gateway by making a choice to go. Go to the nations. To respond to the whisper, the rumor that there is something more. The World Race can be an option to facilitate the “go” in someone’s life.

my race my race my race
my race, more than the color of my skin and the language I speak
More than a 5 or 10k
More than a run in the park awaiting for the sound of the gun to blast to activate my stride, my step, my course
Destiny in the making, purpose for the taking
Awakened in a season, rather forsaken a reason for my being, the reason for my seeing, the reason for my hearing, my speaking, my life, my choice
My longing to dispose of a comfort and a fear that’s recycled and reused me for too long
Too many tears not poured into the right soil, the right soul
Too many years not reaping the ripe harvest, the right mind set in my ways reevaluating my calling because I couldn’t calculate it
Reconsidering convenience because I couldn’t handle the leaving of home
The known for the unknown
The digital follow me’s that have kept me at ease, appeasing the heart of me
Keeping the real followers at a distance for the scared of me
Status-quos, fb statuses for real life and unpredictable challenges so grow and break the rest of me, realizing that all of Him is the only best of me for them to see
I lost part of me in the process, part of me in the nonsense part of me to get sense but not change, my life is worth more than
dreams that keep me dreaming and people waiting, keep me waiting and people dreaming about a love so deep it keeps them gasping for His air
His breath to keep them breathing, His words to keep them believing
Longing for more of Him in the form of me and me longing for more of
Him in the form of them, so I go